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Velo Cafe Magasin

23 Jan 2018
Velo Cafe Magasin

Velo Café Magazine bike shop received the best bike shop award at the cu awards last Sunday night. It was a great achievement for Sean, and all his staff at the shop.

Brendan and I talked of how proud Seans father (the late Don McGreevy) would have been. We imagined his face of pride and what his words would be.

“Our Sean knew nothing about it until a week ago. He was all excited, him and Joe and the wee girl who works in the shop got all dressed up for the night. He even got the head shaved. Maura was there too. He was all smiles” followed by his infectious laugh. Well we can only imagine but not forget this lovely man which is why we think, it was for don. It makes it even more fitting that it was on the anniversary of Sean’s mother passing away.

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